iClassical Musical Year in Review 2021

iClassical's 2021

A firework of stars in the iClassical music sky!

What have we accomplished?

♥ Two new Musical Jewels
√ Cello, Bow and You with Evangeline Benedetti
√ Violin for Tango with Estacion Buenos Aires
♥ We added ten new Masterclasses for Violin (4), Piano (3), and Cello (3)
♠  Seven new Collections
√ all the Kreutzer Violin Etudes with Natalia Lomeiko
√ classical guitar; a collection with three Masterclasses
√ viola Masterclasses with four different Master Teachers
√ Leonidas Kavakos' mastery in the excellent Violin repertoire
√ Enrico Dindo's mastery of the cello
♥ Prof. Lihay Bendayan introduced us to his "Master your Violin" course
♠ We challenged you with a piano improvisation course on Bach's Musette
♥ Marcos Santos elaborated Kreutzer further: "Complementary Etudes - Practising lab"
♠ We introduced "Music Culture": two courses on Anatolian Music and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
♥ We started with private classes with our Instructors.

Missed something?
Find it below in our 2021 year overview!

December 2021

New Cello Shostakovich Masterclass I Piano Collection Mozart and Beethoven I Sound Espressivo Presentation

♠ How to decide the "economy of the bow". Peter Szabo on Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. 1
♥Three New Piano Masterclasses on Mozart and Beethoven with Alessio Bax, Andreas Frölich, and Yuri Bogdanov
♠ inside Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
♠ Sound Espressivo! Join the semi-finals online
♥ The Joy of Gifting Music

November 2021

New Violin & Piano Masterclasses I Piano Collection I Sound Espressivo Presentation

♠ Do you feel the "Bass Pulse?"? Virginie Robilliard on Bach Sonata No. 3
♥Should we play a phrase in two halves? Ricardo Castro on Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2, 2nd mov.
♠ Meet a new Master Teacher: Alexander Chaushian, Prof. of Cello at Royal College of Music London.
♥ Black female composers are introduced by our Juilliard trained teacher Maria Thompson Corley
♠ Sound Espressivo! A classical music competition that reinvents the concert stage.
♥ The Joy of Gifting Music

October 2021

New Violin Collection I Docu-Course Beethoven 5th Symphony I Music Promotion

♠ New Kreutzer Etudes series 4 with Natalia Lomeiko
♥ Premiere of Beethoven Fifth by the Architects of Music
♠ Join Private Composing and Music Promotion Lessons
♠ Forte International Music Competition - Inside the organization

September 2021

New Violin and Cello Masterclasses I Guitar Collection I Play at Carnegie Hall

♠ "A song without words" in which bowing can make a huge difference? It's all in a new  Mendelssohn Violin Concerto Masterclass
♠ An epic Dvorak Cello masterclass with a fascinating story, theatrical scenes, and a grand finale. Amit Peled takes us there
♥ Who doesn't want to play at Carnegie Hall?
♠  Italian and Spanish exotic guitar sounds with Goran Krivokapić

August 2021

 A selection of blog posts


♠ Living Things Grow and Change; Classical Music is no Exception 
♠ Piazzolla and Ginastera: two contrasting sides of Argentine Music 
♥ Bridging the Gap between Classical and Romantic Violin Repertoire 
♠ How to write a good biography? 
♥ Feldenkrais and Playing Freely on the Cello 
♠ Embrace your Stage Fright, Practice your Performance! 

July 2021

What's new in July?

♠ Did you know Women used to dance Bach's Gigue with long and wide skirts? Janna Gandelman tells us more in her new Bach Partita No. 2 Masterclass
♠ How to play Bach on a modern piano? Prof. Sander Sittig on Bach's Fugue in G minor
♥ Artist Manager and Communication specialist help you reserve your place in the Music Market
♠ Great success for the Master your Violin Interactive Course with Prof. Lihay Bendayan!
♣ Classicism; an old concept or still very much alive? Read the Blog Post. 
♥ Wsupport the next generation of young talents! New Music Competitions awarded for iClassical's Recognition Prize

June 2021

What's new in June?

♣ A former pupil of Isaac Stern, Ilona Feher, and Tibor Varga help you Master your Violin 
♠ Bach's favorite second instrument, the viola, appears in a brand New Viola Collection
♠ First Prize Winner "ROSTROPOVICH" Competition Enrico Dindo on Bach and Schubert
♠ A Master on Piano Improvisation challenge you on Bach
♥ Recognition Prizes for Music Competitors; iClassical supports the next generation of young talents
♦ Classicism; an old concept or still very much alive? Read the Blog Post. 

May 2021

Spring, hope, and love are in the air!

♥ We're celebrating Springtime and better times to come, sharing the love for music
♣ Have a look at Marcos Santos's brand new Kreutzer Course, "Complementary Etudes - Practising lab"
♠ New Piano and Cello Masterclasses with Oxana Yablonskaya and Peter Szabo
♥ A new Music History Course "Anatolian Tunes and Horn from Mesopotamia to Europe" by Zafer Yümlü
♠ A new Dakapp Collection with Natalia Lomeiko is available
♥ iClassical presents its Young Advisory Board
♦ One New Blog Post. 

March/April 2021

Let's Improvise!

♥ We're celebrating Easter, and Bach's music is part of that.
♣ Have a look at Charl du Plessis' brand new Piano Course Improvisation on Bach's Musette.
♠ New Masterclasses Virginie Robilliard and Amit Peled.
♥ Miriam Fried's Bach Musical Gift; the Video Series Sonatas & Partitas
♠ Free Live Stream Concert Sound Espressivo/Virtual Concert Halls
♥ iClassical embraces the ESG principles
♦ Two New Blog Posts. 

February 2021

Celebrating Piazzolla's 100th Anniversary


iClassical presents a brand new Violin for Tango Course. Dive into Argentina's Tango Music World and learn about Tango history, composers, playing techniques, and much more! Leonidas Kavakos present the third series of Masterclasses with Beethoven and Tchaikovsky repertoire. A blog post about two famous and history-defining Argentine composers, Ginastera and Piazzolla, and a blog post about how to make your room or studio sound-proof. Meet our three new Master Teachers for Violin and Piano.

January 2021

A Roller Coaster Ride for 2021!


We introduce iClassical's 2021 new video learning content. We're so excited to offer you all of this precious new learning video content. A new Musical Jewel with Evangeline Benedetti: Cello, Bow, and You. Feel motivated to continue to improve your musical skills so you can continue sharing your musical gifts with a large audience. We all need music in our lives! That's why we value the wonderful and committed contribution of all our skilled Master Teachers.

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