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Pass the Baton with Gianmaria Griglio

New musiMentor “Pass the Baton” course. Become much more effective in your conducting

11 video lessons

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Piano Class on Bach 2-Part Invention No. 10

musiMentor Fernanda Machado

15 videos,15 performances & learning plan

Get it at the special launch price of $16.99

Offer valuable until November 12th.


Conducting Technique

Blog by musiMentor Gianmaria Griglio about conducting technique. He elaborates why conducting technique is not just, like for any instrument, a set of rules and exercises that any student can follow and practice: that’s only the starting point! Read the blog here

Partner Sibelius Academy

Sibelius Academy is partner of iClassical Academy since January 2019. The Sibelius Academy is ranked among the world's top universities and famous for being one of the early adapters of eLearning. Read here in our blog about their experiences with the iClassical Platform.

Music Education and Technique

Interesting topics about music education, and technqiues; Read the blog about the Theory and Art of Conducting, Modern versus Baroque Bow or How to Play Bach better with Miriam Fried's expertise.

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