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We are a quality 7.5K musician community working to become all-around musicians, and we believe that anyone, at any time, should have access to the wonderfully beautiful world of music.

Our mission is to provide new generations of musicians from any part of the world the possibility to improve their skills and enjoy a wide audience.



1000+ On-demand catalog with new lessons monthly added.


80+ Master Teachers from renowned institutions and reputations.


A growing community of musicians with different backgrounds.

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Latest Classes

Course | CELLO | The Popper Etudes

"The High School of Cello Playing"

The most expansive exploration of Cello Playing "Problems" is now online. Prof. Inbal Megiddo performs and explains the Etudes, describing for each of them the critical points, the application of the Etudes to performances, and how to master your playing to get the very best out of your sound.

Course | Violin | Kreutzer Derivative Exercises

Daily Routine, Warm-Up, Skill Development

A "must-learn" for every violinist. Prof. Ostrovsky extracted 11 crucial exercises from his nine most favorite Kreutzer Etudes and integrated them with previous valuable teachings that he received from important teachers such as Isaac Stern.

Course | Music & Career | The EntreMusician

"Unlocking your Mindset, Discipline and Focus"

These Lessons are designed to prompt the student to become more aware of the interworking of their subconscious components, which influence and enhance proficiency in their lives, approach to study, and overall musical career.

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Violin Masterclass

MENDELSSOHN Violin Concerto in Em, OP.64, 3RD Mov

Cello Masterclass

SHOSTAKOVICH Cello Concerto No. 1 in E Flat, Op.107, 3rd mov

Piano Masterclass

RACHMANINOFF Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, Op.30, 3rd mov - part 1

Trumpet Masterclass

HUMMEL Trumpet Concerto in E Major, 1st mov 

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