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II. Moderato

New Cello Masterclass 

Master Teacher Peter Szabo

Assistant: Janka Jambor
Pianist: Zsuzsanna Homor
KEEP THE SAME COLOR | Master Teacher Peter Szabo about the "economy of the bow," which has to be decided after deciding the "quality of your sound" for a particular piece.


Beethoven and Mozart Piano Sonatas 

Master Teachers Alessio Bax, Andreas Frölich and Yuri Bogdanov

Join Alessio Bax, Andreas Frölich, Yuri Bogdanov in Beethoven and Mozart Piano Sonatas Masterclasses from the Dakapp collection for iClassical Academy.

Happy Birthday Beethoven!

Beethoven's Universe - Symphony No. 5 in C minor

by the Architects of Music

Melody, rhythm, and harmony are the building blocks of music. But what forms or structures do great composers use to build their masterworks? In Beethoven's Universe, host Lawrence Rapchak takes you inside the Fifth Symphony to reveal precisely how Beethoven constructed this monumental composition.
Beethoven's Universe is part of "The Architects of Music" series, produced by New Media Productions and Virtual Concert Halls.
We offer this course with a 25% discount. The course is free available for Master Members.


Bach Solo Sonatas and Partitas

Now with Chinese subtitles!


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iClassical Partner News

Sound Espressivo Competition LIVE Semi-Finals are here!

Watch the Sound Espressivo Online Global Music Competition Semi-Finals

Dec 16-19, 2021

Sound Espressivo Competition LIVE Semi-Finals are here! The International Judges Panel selected nearly 100 musicians from around the globe. They are taking a virtual stage performing LIVE! Judges commenting live on-air.

Please support live music performances and courageous musicians by sharing, reposting, and inviting people to watch and comment! If you join us LIVE – we will show your comments on-screen during the applause.

If you miss the time, don’t worry – the replays will be available after the event.

Schedule (all broadcasts are free to watch):

December 16 at 8:00pm EST
December 17 at 2:00pm EST
December 18 at 12:00noon EST
December 18 at 3:00pm EST
December 18 at 9:00pm EST
December 19 at 12:00noon EST
December 19 at 4:00pm EST

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