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√ Full access to all content  - Save 22%

√ Monthly updates

√ Recursive payment - cancel anytime


√ Full access all content

√ Monthly updates

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Frequently asked questions
What's included? (View Videos)

√ 350+ Masterclasses (divided by Instrument, Composer, Teacher)


√ Courses ( 270 instructional videos) & Collections (exclusive Masterclasses from the Dakapp/Naxos Catalog)

√ Musical Jewels Special in-depth courses focused on specific and famous subjects.

Do you offer new repertoire?

We upload monthly new Masterclasses, Courses, Collections or add Musical Jewels.

What makes iClassical different?

√ 70+ Master Teachers from renowned institutions or artists with a great reputation


√ Masterclasses are edited according to online learning standards; the performances are separated,  2 to 3 tutorials with a pleasant learning pace and teaching.

√ All of the content can be watched online 24/24 from any device and has speed control and, in some cases, a split-screen view.

√ Every subject or topic is completely developed, and it's exclusively available on this platform

Can I unsubscribe any time?

You can unsubscribe any time on a monthly or yearly plan.

A Lifetime Plan is for the rest of your life, including all-new monthly uploads. You pay once, you learn forever!

How do I access the Catalog?

After you become a member and have chosen your plan, you'll find all the content in the voice "Academy" of the menu. Our content is 24/24 available, on any device, after logging in as a member.


We send you an instruction video after you signed up.

Do you offer Free Member Plans?

Yes, we do. If you're not sure yet what plan to choose, why don't you subscribe as a Free Member first? You will have access to the free content we offer. SIGN UP

How do I Upgrade my existing account?

Are you already a Member? Log in, go to "my account," and choose the option "Upgrade."

Can I buy a single Course, Collection or Musical Jewel?

Yes, you can also buy a single Course, Collection, or Musical Jewel without having the need to choose a plan. Once you buy a single product, you'll become automatically a free member.



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