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New York Philarmonic Orchestra Cellist Evangeline Benedetti presents her video legacy about mastering the Cello.

18 Videos which represent the perfect synthesis of her 40 years long work with the Alexander Technique and Bio-Mechanics.

Master the knowledge of the dynamic properties of the instrument and bow, and knowledge of one's body to apply ease of movement to playing.

In 1967 Evangeline Benedetti was invited by Leonard Bernstein to become a member of the New York Philharmonic, the first female cellist and the second tenured woman. She remained an active and integral member for 44 years. Shortly after joining the New York Philharmonic, Evangeline became a dedicated student of the Alexander Technique to overcome the physical discomforts brought on by her demanding career. Her commitment to the technique and its measurable results in her own playing led her to become a certified Alexander Technique teacher. Seeing the value of these concepts, she revamped her playing based on the Alexander Technique, which resulted in playing present in Cello, Bow, and You.

Contents and Specifications


Series A | Getting to Know Cello, Bow and You

  • Introduction
  • Properties of the Cello and Bow
  •  . . . And You
  • Before You Play a Note

Series B | Learning to Play through Élégie by Fauré | Bowing

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of the Hand-Arm Complex
  • Function of the Left and Right Hands
  • The Whole Bow
  • Changing Directions
  • Unbalancing and String Crossings
  • More on Bowing
  • Energetic Force and Equalization of Hands

Series C | Learning to Play through Élégie by Fauré | The Left Hand

  • Grid, Blueprint and Harmonics
  • Shifting
  • Vibrato

Series D | Learning to Play through Vivaldi, Van Goën and Popper | More Bowing

  • Short Notes on the String
  • Short Notes off the String
  • Final Considerations

18 Videos - Total Running time 3 hours 50 minutes High-Quality Video - Variable speed Stereo High Definition sound

Excerpt - Pads & Thumb

Excerpt - Bowing Legato

Excerpt - Optimal Sound

Excerpt - String Crossing

Excerpt - Fortissimo

Excerpt - Shifts

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