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Celebrating Piazzolla's 100th Anniversary

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iClassical's brand new Violin for Tango Course
We're very excited to offer all violinists the opportunity to dive into Argentina's Tango Music World and learn about Tango history, composers, playing techniques, and much more!
Piazzolla's 100th birthday 
On the occasion of Piazzolla's 100th birthday on March 11th, 2021, Maestro Guillermo Scarabino wrote a blog post about two famous and history-defining composers, Alberto Ginastera and Astor Piazzolla.
New Masterclasses Leonidas Kavakos
Leonidas Kavakos present the third series of Masterclasses with Beethoven and Tchaikovsky repertoire.
New Master Teachers
Meet three new Master Teachers for Violin and Piano, preparing courses on Chopin Nocturnes, Ysaye's Solo Sonatas, and Kreutzer Etudes.
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Violin for Tango Musical Jewel   

Violin for Tango Master Course

The Violin for Tango Jewel comprehends 4 series of how to perform Tango on the violin, with musical exercises, history, and performances. Over three hours running time; 64 videos with Instructions and Performances Video -1 tracks. 
Entirely subtitled in both English and Spanish.

New Available Naxos/Dakapp Collections

KAVAKOS Violin I Series 3


Three new inspiring Masterclasses on Tchaikovsky and Beethoven with the wonderful Leonidas Kavakos.

Musical Jewel Cello 

Evangeline Benedetti's "Cello, Bow and You"  

Master Teacher Evangeline Benedetti

Join Master Teacher Evangeline Benedetti's 50+ Teaching Mastery and learn everything you need to be the best-performing cellist.


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Featured Course of February 

Audio Home Recording

Anthony Schultz Instructor of Music Production 

Assistant Professor at The New England Institute of Art from 1997-2017, specializing in Audio Technology and Computer Music and  Instructor of Music Production for Berklee Online

Presentation of our Audio Home Recording for Classical Musicians Course

Gianriccardo Pera takes you through the course and gives you an insight of what to expect in this great audio home recording course that treats all topics necessary such as; basic tools of recording, microphones - types & placement, Audio Interface, Acoustics Fundamentals. Capturing the Sound and Editing Audio.

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Piazzolla and Ginastera: two contrasting sides of Argentine Music

Guillermo Scarabino talks about the extraordinary friendship between two giant Argentine music composers; Piazzolla and Ginastera.

Expected Next Month

Charl du Plessis - Steinway Artist 

Improvisation Piano Techniques

Charl du Plessis is famous for his easy transcriptions of classical music to jazz arrangements, and now he is ready to share his secrets with you! Starting from classical music, Charl brings you into improvisation moods. Available from half of March.

Nice to Meet You!

Ksenia Milas teaches Ysaye Solo Sonatas

Marcos Santos teaches Kreutzer Etudes

Marina Scalafiotti teaches Chopin Nocturnes

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