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Spring, hope, and love are in the air!

What's in the Magazine?

♣ A PhD on Kreutzer; Marcos Santos is bridging technical gaps with Kreutzer Etudes
♠ Can we change Chopin's dynamics? Piano Master Class Oxana Yablonskaya
♠Peter Szabo’s baroque bowing tips in Debussy Cello Master Class
♥ Exotic story from the roots of civilization: Anatolian Tunes and Horn from Mesopotamia to Europe by Zafer Yümlü
♠ Remarkable Royal College of Music London pedagogue  Natalia Lomeiko on Kreutzer Etudes
♥ Partner news;  Sistema Global; The power of music as a transformative force
♦ Bach's Piano Inventions arranged for Cello Duet.

Kreutzer’s Complementary Etudes – Practicing Lab   

Master Teacher Dr. Marcos Santos

12 Lessons, 11 Videos, 11 full Scores
These complementary études are meant to bridge some of the gaps in the technical proficiency needed to learn more difficult repertoire like the Paganini Caprices, Ysaye sonatas, and many other virtuosic pieces.

New Piano Masterclass 

Master Teacher Oxana Yablonskaya


Assistant: Tetiana Shafran

New Cello Masterclass  

Master Teacher Peter Szabo

- II Serenade
- III Finale

Assistant: Janka Jambor. Pianist: Zsuzsanna Homor.

Anatolian Tunes and Horn from Mesopotamia to Europe

Master Teacher Zafer Yümlü

10 Lessons, 10 Videos with PDF
Language: Turkish with English subtitles
Prof. Yümlü takes you on a journey in history. Discover new and different melodies and rhythms in the geography of thousands of years; melodies and stories that have inspired many famous composers from Mozart to Bela Bartok, from Respighi to Beethoven.

Violin | Natalia Lomeiko Kreutzer Etudes Series 3

from the Dakapp/Naxos Collection

Master Teacher Natalia Lomeiko

R. Kreutzer Violin Etudes - three Masterclasses

No. 21 to No. 31

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iClassical Partner News

The Power of Music

A new initiative has been launched to Sistema Global network members. iClassical Academy will give access to its online music content through its Scholarship Program. An exciting program to help to build strong inclusion and diversity among society through music.
We both believe in the power of music!
Download the press release

Do you sound espressivo?

Sound Espressivo Competition 2021 is now open!
The inaugural 2020 season reached one million views, with over 100 contestants and 40 judges.
This worldwide competition is 100% online, bringing together outstanding performers, world-class adjudicators, educators, music managers.

iClassical Blog Posts

7 Things to Be Consider Before Enrolling in a Music Academy

Many benefits of learning music; how to choose the right music academy?

Are you thinking of joining a music academy? Before enrolling, there are seven things that you should keep in consideration.

Expected Next Month

 Master Your Violin

Professor Lihay Bendayan

Cello Collection Schubert and Bach

Master Teacher Enrico Dindo


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Arranged by Mr & Mrs Cello

musiMentor Fulvia Mancini is active with her husband as Mr. and Mrs. Cello. Her arrangement for Bach Inventions for piano, adapted for cello is a unique creation!

"With the inventions arranged for 2 cellos, we wanted to create a collection of Bach pieces that amateurs can also play. The level of the inventions is, however, diversified and some are easier than others. We also think that Bach created them for pedagogical purposes, which is why this arrangement also contains some important bow strokes that are the object of study of the cellist throughout his career.

I invite you to explore more!"


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