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An extra-long Easter Edition!

What's in the Magazine?

♥ We're celebrating Easter, and Bach's music is part of that. 
♣ Have a look at Charl du Plessis' brand new Piano Course Improvisation on Bach's Musette.
♠ New Masterclasses Virginie Robilliard and Amit Peled.
♥ Miriam Fried's Bach Musical Gift; the Video Series Sonatas & Partitas 
♠ Free Live Stream Concert Sound Espressivo/Virtual Concert Halls
♥ iClassical embraces the ESG principles
♦ Two New Blog Posts. 

Piano Improvisation    

Piano Improvisation

10 Lessons, 15 Videos, 4 full Scores
Learn basic improvisation skills & knowledge of chords to expand your basic pianistic skill set to play with/without notes!

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Masterclass Cello 

Master Teacher Amit Peled


Assistant: William Weil. Pianist: Sander Sittig

Masterclass Violin

Master Teacher Virginie Robilliard


Assistant: Gennaro Cardaropoli. Pianist: Sander Sittig

Miriam Fried featuring Bach's Solo Violin Legacy  

"Bach has a special place in my musical journey"

Master Teacher Miriam Fried

"Join me in the exploration of the most extraordinary body of work: the Bach sonatas and partitas for violin solo."

Contents and Specifications

Number of Tutorials 15

1. Why the solo Bach Sonatas and Partitas
2. Biographical Notes
3. In Bach's own words
4. History of performance tradition
5. The language of music
6. Tools - The Bow
7. Tools - The left hand
8. Identifying the pieces of the puzzle
9. Mastering the art of creating illusions
10. The Bowings
11.  Bach Sonatas and Partitas Introduction
12. The Sonatas 1st movements
13. The Fugues
14. The Sonatas 3rd & 4th movements
15. The Partitas

Total Running time 3 hours 30 minutes
High-Quality Video
Variable speed
Stereo High Definition Sound
English Language with toggle for English Subtitles
Soon available with Chinese Subtitles!
Contact us for special school/conservatory student access plans.

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NSO@ Home LIVE Kennedy Center Concert  - Lehner Quartet

Sunday, April 4 at 7:00 pm EST


Lehner Quartet performs new quartets by William Toutant (USA) and Kevin Pang (Hong Kong), and many more!

The Broadcast is free to watch for everyone globally.


Piano Masterclass with Avguste Antonov

Each month, the masterclass will have a theme (for example, a specific composer or a specific style). Participants would also be able to request for their masterclass to focus on a specific topic.

You can join the Masterclass by purchasing a ticket to participate or observe.

iClassical Blog Posts

Neck Graft is a complex procedure in violin restoration.

To accomplish a high-end, top-quality neck graft is not an easy and straightforward task; Iris Carr regularly comes across neck grafts where either the woodwork or the retouching or both have not quite worked out. Competent woodworking and visualization skills are required and the ability to finish well with staining and retouching.

The Strange Link between Chess and Music

‘Is there a real connection between music and chess?`

A question that often confuses people! Many research studies have been done to find an appropriate answer to it, and all have varying conclusions. Some might claim that listening to music is the part of best chess learning, while others will say that there is an evident connection between cognitive ability and skilled performance. Let's find out what we know about the authenticity of these claims.

Expected Next Month

Marcos Santos Kreutzer Etudes "Bridging the Gap"

Oxana Yablonskaya Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 Masterclass

Enrico Dindo Cello Masterclasses Schubert and Bach

In preparation

Lihay Bendayan "Master Your Violin"

Mariana Scalafiotti "Chopin Nocturnes"

Zafer Yümlü "Anatolian Tunes and Horn from Mesopotamia to Europe"


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