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New Violin Masterclass 

Master Teacher Gyorgy Pauk

Student: Elena Kawazu
Make your sound predominant on the orchestra in changing the bowing; a new Mendelssohn Violin Concerto Masterclass

New Cello Masterclass 

Master Teacher Amit Peled

Assistant: William Weil Pianist: Sander Sittig

An epic Dvorak Cello masterclass with a fascinating story, theatrical scenes, and grand finale! Amit Peled takes us through.

From the Dakapp/Naxos Collection

Master Teacher Goran Krivokapić

Assistant: Cyprien N'tsaï

Rodrigo, Aguado and Castelnuovo-Tedesco Masterclasses with Goran Krivokapić

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Private Music Promotion Course with Irma de Jong

 Who doesn't want to play at Carnegie Hall?

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Join Irma de Jong, a specialist in music management, music & business, and public relations, in her interactive heuristic approach to learning the daily praxis of music promotion. Work on a plan to get the focus on your music career and reach results that stick.

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To Read

Breathe Together, Move Together, Play Together; Pedagogy Project

Regarded internationally as an innovative pedagogue and leader in chamber music education, Deborah Barrett Price, Founder and Artistic Director of Chamber Music Connection (CMC), created the Breathe Together, Move Together, Play Together Pedagogy Project Video Series to provide educators, professionals, amateurs, and students with tried-and-true activities for successful participation in chamber music.

Living Things Grow and Change; Classical Music is no Exception

Should we put a wall around classical music by defining what it “should” be? Attempts to stem the tide of change are usually under-girded by feelings of loss, followed by a fervent, futile longing to turn back the clock to a time when those with similar views had the power to marginalize anyone who didn’t conform to their ideas. Maria Thompson Corley elaborates further on this topic.

Expected Next  

 Beethoven's Fifth by the Architects of Music

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Melody, rhythm, and harmony are the building blocks of music. But what forms or structures do great composers use to build their masterworks? In Beethoven’s Universe, host Lawrence Rapchak takes you inside the 5th Symphony to reveal exactly how Beethoven constructed this monumental composition. Beethoven’s Universe is part of the series, The Architects of Music, produced by New Media Productions and Virtual Concert Halls.

Recently added

Course "Master your Violin" with Professor Lihay Bendayan 

Master Teacher Prof. Lihay Bendayan

Professor Lihay Bendayan's "Master your Violin" is helping you to become a true master of the violin with his high-precision technical in-depth information.
24 video lessons with close-up demonstrations of practicing methods techniques and access to his private Facebook Group.

New Viola Masterclasses from the Dakapp/Naxos Collection 

Master Teachers Wolfram Christ, Diemut Poppen, Maxim Rysanov

The viola is often underestimated but has an important place within classical music. Did you know that Bach, although he did not write any solo work for viola, was fond of playing the viola?
A brand new Viola collection containing Brahms, Stamitz, Schumann, and Rachmaninoff Masterclasses and three different well-known viola pedagogues.


Master Teacher Sander Sittig

Assistant: Eni Barbullushi

We play Bach on a modern Piano, but Bach wrote his compositions for Harpsichord, which, as we know, had no dynamics. What then to do with dynamics; we have them!
Our teacher walks us through the whole piece, structuring how to use modern Piano dynamics but still have the sound "related" to the original Harspsichord atmosphere.


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