World Exclusivity:
Guillermo Scarabino's
Video series and eBook
The Art of Conducting.

22 videos and 146 pages  
the most exhaustive
eLearning executive work about conducting.

With Spanish subtitles.

"Each profession must find out the roots and principles that provide an unchanging point of reference. Those principles to which we are obliged to go back again and again to maintain an adequate direction and, by carrying them out, allow oneself to be fulfilled. Orchestral Conducting is not an exception. For that reason, some ideas arise once and again, all along with this work. Since their immutability guarantees their continuance."

Guillermo Scarabino

Book Index

Number of pages 146

CHAPTER 1   The Ethics of Orchestral Conducting
CHAPTER 2   What is Orchestral Conducting?
CHAPTER 3   The Communication
CHAPTER 4   The Score
CHAPTER 5   The interpretation
CHAPTER 6   Body and Posture
CHAPTER 7   Basic Body Training
CHAPTER 8   The Impulse
CHAPTER 9   The Study of the Score
CHAPTER 10 The Rehearsal
CHAPTER 11 Study and Practice Repertoire

Videos Contents and Specifications

Number of Tutorials 22

  1. Achieving authority on stage
  2. Managing two stars on the same spot
  3. Ethics in the digital era
  4. Communication
  5. Non verbal communication
  6. Group Dynamics
  7. Self perception
  8. Use a Baton or not?
  9. Baton essentials
  10. See you without looking
  11. Batons and Magic Wands
  12. Approach to Repertoire
  13. Baton patterns I
  14. Baton patterns II
  15. Rehearsal – How to set up
  16. Rehearsal – How to rehearse
  17. Rehearsal – The dress rehearsal
  18. The composer’s will
  19. Freedom in interpretation
  20. Suggestions from orchestra
  21. Orchestration retouch
  22. How to deal with recordings

Total Running time 2 hours 10 minutes

English and Spanish subtitles

Guillermo Scarabino was the Director of Artistic Production of the Teatro Colon Buenos Aires for many years. He is a well-respected conductor and was a Juror member at several International Alberto Ginastera Composition Competition editions. Furthermore, he taught at the Mendoza Summer Conducting Courses, at the International Summer Academy of Concepción (Chile), and Venezuela’s Inter-American Conducting Courses. Maestro Scarabino is also a lecturer and author. He graduated from the University of Rosario (Argentina), obtaining a Master of Arts Degree in Music Theory at the Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY).

Excerpt - Group Dynamics

Excerpt - Baton Patterns

Excerpt - Rehearsals

Excerpt - Orchestration

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