Questions & Answers


Questions & Answers

Everything you want to know about iClassical Academy



Q. Why do you offer only Master Classes of violin, violoncello and piano?
A. You will also find some trumpet lessons and we plan to add other instruments in the future.

Q. Why do you feel that you are special?
A. Over the years we have developed recording and editing techniques that respect the teacher, the student and the composer. We used HD 4K camera's and the best audio, we edit for elearning purposes. 

Q. Will your catalogue of Master Classes grow?
A. Yes! We add two to three new Master Classes every month.

Q. Why should a student choose your Master Classes instead of the free classes available on the Internet?
A. Our editing process is tailor-made for elearning; most free Master Classes you find on YouTube, for example, are not edited and were not always recorded professionally.

Q. Why did you divide the full lessons into tutorials?
A. Online learning requires a different set-up than the regular situation on stage or in the classroom. 

Q. Why do you put English subtitles when the teacher speaks English?
A. There are many artists who are not native speaking English people; the subtitles give extra support.

Q. Do you plan to add subtitles in other languages?
A. The priority will be for Chinese subtitles. Then, we shall add other languages according to demand.

Q. Do you have lessons that go deeper into technical issues, such as vibrato, pizzicato or glissando?
A. In general, all masterclasses focus on technique and interpretation. In our musiMentor program, you will find courses that go deeper into this kind of subjects. 

Q. Do you offer live Master Classes?
A. Students can apply to attend as a listener when we record Master Classes. If you are interested, you can write to Meira iClassical Academy meira@iclassical-academy.com

Q. Can my family watch the Master Classes?
A. Yes, if they do it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Q. Do you plan to record jazz lessons?
A. We are looking for partners who have specialized.

Q. How can I find music from Romantic composers?
A. Right now you can simply select the composer. We are currently working on special collections of Master Classes that refer to various epochs.

Q. What is the advantage of studying online?
A. The main advantages are the access to the best teachers, the travel time saved if you go to school (ecology) and the possibility to compare the technique of various teachers. Then a video can be watched as many times as you wish, put into slow speed and allow to go back to difficult parts. 

Q. Could I contact one of your professors?
A. Please write to Meira iClassical Academy meira@iclassical-academy.com; she will ask if the teacher is available to contact you.

Q. Do you offer online One2One interactive lessons?
A. We are currently examination two solutions with partners in Italy and Switzerland; we constantly look at new developments.

Q. Who are your clients?
A. We have advanced students, teachers, orchestra musicians, professionals, amateur players and schools.


Q. What does a lifetime subscription mean?
A. Subscribers pay once for the existing masterclasses catalogue and nothing extra for the next tutorials to come. It’s a very favourable offer available for everyone's wallet!

Q. Are the Courses and Musical Jewels included in the Life Time Plans?
A. Courses and Musical Jewels are not part of the Life Time Plans and need to be purchased separately.

Q. Why do I need to purchase separately the Courses and Musical Jewels that iClassical Academy offers?
A. They are recorded with a different kind of agreement with the teachers; we care to honour the economic conditions agreed with teachers and see it as a financial support to their musical entrepreneurship.

Q. Your prices are reasonable. Do you plan to increase them in the future?
A. We shall increase some of the prices selectively, for example when we add subtitles in other tongues.

Q. It appears to me that your prices are on the high side!
A. In fact, they are only a very small fraction of a single lesson with a teacher!

musiMentor and musiXange

Q. What is the so-called musiMentor section?
A. Through musiMentor we offer professionals and teachers the possibility to sell courses on our platform.

Q. If as a teacher I want to offer a course on your platform, how should I proceed?
A. Please write to Meira iClassical Academy meira@iclassical-academy.com; she will send detailed instructions.

Q. Can I as a teacher fix the price of my course?
A. Of course. But keep in mind that online prices might different from "real-life" teaching. 

Q. I am a teacher. Could somebody copy my musiMentor courses?
A. Your courses would be on our dedicated video platform and safe. 

Q. What is musiXange?
A. Free access to our ecosystem with plenty of information, including selected free quality YouTube Master Classes.

Musical Jewels

Q. What are “Musical Jewels” and why are they different than Masterclasses?
A. "Musical Jewels” go further than Master Classes. They feature high-level in-depth presentations on special topics. We have a world exclusivity with the Master Teachers.

Q. Are you going to create more “Jewels”?
A. We are currently editing a cello musical jewel we recorded with Master teacher Evangeline Benedetti. Then we plan a program “Violin for Tango” with professional musicians from Buenos Aires. We also work on a new jewel for Violin and Piano.

Schools & Partners

Q. Why should schools become partners of yours?
A. Online teaching will enable their teachers and students to compare various styles of technique and interpretation.

Q. I saw your Master Classes on NAXOS. They are different from the tutorials.
A. NAXOS offers a different video library collection and prefered to have the original integral Master Classes.

Q. Do you have Master Classes on streaming services?
A. Apart from NAXOS, we have integral masterclasses with Medici TV and tutorials with Stingray. We also cooperate with The Violin Channel.

Technical issues & Data protection

Q. Is our personal data protected?
A. We keep all data on a secured file and work according to the GDPR rules. 

Q. What can I do if I have a technical problem with your Website?
A. Just send a mail to our customer service membersuccess@iclassical-academy.com

Social Media presence

Q. On which social channels are you active?
A. We have a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram


Q. I have a book on classical music. Would you put it on your platform?
A. If you have or can make a connection to video series, and provided it is in the right format, we shall do so with pleasure. Please, contact to find out more meira@iclassical-academy.com

Q. How can I connect myself with students who have participated in iClassical Academy’s Master Classes?
A. Just write to membersuccess@iclassical-academy.com or find them on social media

Pierre Perrenoud,
President iClassical Academy
Irma de Jong,
CEO iClassical Academy
Gianriccardo Pera,
Technical Director, iClassical Academy

Who is iClassical Academy?

Q. Who is iClassical Academy?
A. A pioneer and a leader in the online teaching of classical music 

Q. Who are our teachers?
A. Our musical advisors are all professionals; teachers coming from important institutions and musicians with a renowned reputation

Q. Who is on our team?
A. Irma de Jong is Executive Director and Gianriccardo Pera is the Technical Director. Our President, Pierre Perrenoud, is actively involved as an adviser.

Q. Where are our Headquarters?
A. Our domicile is in Crans-Montana (Switzerland) but we are a virtual company with support from many quarters.

Q. Where is your Team?
A. We all connect online, but physically our marketing team is based in Turin and Milan, our editing Studio is in Milan, our webmaster is in Como and our communication assistance in the US, the Netherlands and Italy. 

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We started early in 2014 and have evolved with technological development.

Michael Guttman
President iClassical Foundation

Who is iClassical Foundation?

Q. Who is iClassical Foundation?
A. It is a foundation to support online music education. Its Chairman is the great violinist Michael Guttman.

Q. Do you offer scholarships?
A. You can write to iClassical Foundation: management@iclassical-foundation.com

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