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"Summertime, and the living is easy"

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♠ Did you know Women used to dance Bach's Gigue with long and wide skirts? Janna Gandelman tells us more in her new Bach Partita No. 2 Masterclass
♠ How to play Bach on a modern piano? Prof. Sander Sittig on Bach's Fugue in G minor
♥ Artist Manager and Communication specialist help you reserve your place in the Music Market
♣ Great success for the Master your Violin Interactive Course with Prof. Lihay Bendayan!
♠ Part II of Patrick Brill's article about the meaning and interpretation of Classicism
♥ Wsupport the next generation of young talents! New Music Competitions awarded for iClassical's Recognition Prize!

BACH PARTITA NO. 2 BWV 1004 - IV Gigue
New Violin Masterclass 

Master Teacher Janna Gandelman

Student: Mark Karlinsky

New Piano Masterclass 

Master Teacher Sander Sittig

Assistant: Eni Barbullushi


New: Private courses with our Instructors

 "Reserve your Place in the Music Market"

Instructor Irma de Jong


Claim your place in the music market and get private instruction by Irma de Jong, a specialist in music management and public relations. This interactive private course focuses completely on your music career to bring results that stick.

Recently added

New Cello Masterclasses from the Dakapp/Naxos Collection 

Master Teacher Enrico Dindo

Legendary Rostropovich called the former first cellist of La Scala, Enrico Dindo, “a cellist of exceptional qualities, a complete artist and a formed musician, with an extraordinary sound which flows as a splendid Italian voice”.
Now available on iClassical two of his exquisite Masterclasses; Schubert Sonatine and Bach Cello Suite No. 1.

New Viola Masterclasses from the Dakapp/Naxos Collection 

Master Teachers Wolfram Christ, Diemut Poppen, Maxim Rysanov

The viola is often underestimated but has an important place within classical music. Did you know that Bach, although he did not write any solo work for viola, was fond of playing the viola?
We have a brand new Viola collection for you containing Brahms, Stamitz, Schumann, and Rachmaninoff Masterclasses and three different well-known viola pedagogues.

Course "Master your Violin" with Professor Lihay Bendayan   

Master Teacher Prof. Lihay Bendayan

Professor Lihay Bendayan's "Master your Violin" has started with great success! This Head of the Violin Class at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance,  former Professor of violin at the HEMU in Sion (CH), is helping you to become a true master of the violin with his high-precision technical in-depth information, 24 video lessons with close-up demonstrations of practicing methods techniques and access to his private Facebook Group.

To Read

A Brief Introduction to the Concept of Classicism in Music - Part II

Part II of Composer Patrick Brill's interesting read blog post about the concept of classicism in music, its history, background, and application vs. misunderstanding. He takes it deeper and continues the conversation, "What is the correct meaning of the word “classical” in classical music?"

Master Teachers' News

György Pauk To Publish Life Story

Master Teacher György Pauk Publishes His Autobiography
The book, entitled "A Life in Music: Memories of 80 Years with the Violin," recounts György Pauk's rich life and career.
This new book is to help young musicians and can be ordered here:

Summer Masterclass Peter Szabo

Master Teacher Peter Szabo is part of the CELLISSIMO Academy that offers Masterclasses for violin, cello, piano, and chamber music in Budapest, Hungary - August 22-29, 2021. More

Expected Next  

Chamber Music Masterclasses

Master Teacher Deborah Price

More Private Courses

Instructors Nadia David, Mike Vaccaro, Zafer Yumlu, Evangeline Benedetti, and Fernanda Machado. 

 Introducing iClassical TV

 Beethoven's Fifth by the Architects of Music


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