Course | Violin | Kreutzer Derivative Exercises

Daily Routine, Warm-Up, Skill Development

Sergey Ostrovsky
11 Videos
85 Minutes
Course description
A "must-learn" for every violinist. Prof. Ostrovsky extracted 11 crucial exercises from his nine most favorite Kreutzer Etudes and integrated them with previous valuable teachings that he received from important teachers such as Isaac Stern.
Use them as warm-up for a performance, daily or periodic routine (all or part of them) to keep your skill in the best shape, or try your hand at them to develop your mastery day after day.

The sequence in which the exercises are listed should be followed if you intend to play them all as a complete set of warm-ups or daily routine, as our Master Teacher recommends alternate focus from left to right hand. But when you don't have time to perform the whole sequence, you can decide what to do first according to which ones you feel as "weak points" in your playing or according to a particular composition you're about to perform, as Prof. Ostrovsky indicates during the exposition of exercises. 

Instructor: Segey Ostrovsky

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