Lecture | Violin | The Baroque Violin

Prof. Walter Reiter

Main Subject Teacher Early Music Violin & Viola

Royal Conservatoire The Hague

Walter Reiter

29 minutes  

Lecture description

Prof. Walter Reiter discusses Bach's period and demonstrates the baroque violin and bow. He takes his students through the Bach Solo Violin Sonata in G minor, BMW 1001 - adagio, in the version of Henryk Szeryng, and the E major Partita, II mov Loure.

Topics treated:

  • Bassline and chords
  • Passages that connect
  • Writing of ornaments
  • Improvisation

00’00 -  1’48 Intro
01'48 -  3'58 Bach's period Intro
03'58 -   6'31 Demonstration of the baroque violin
06'32 - 10'01 Demonstration of the baroque bow
10’01 - 16’30 Bach Solo Violin Sonata in G minor, BMW 1001 -  adagio (version Henryk Szeryng)
16’31 - 18’17 Passages that connect (with harpsichord)
18'19 -  20'07 Writing of ornaments and improvisation
20'07 -  23'58 Bach Solo Violin Partita in E major, II mov Loure - part 1
24’00 -  27’50 part 2 > dotted notes and bowings
27’51-   29’01 Wrap it up + Prof. Walter Reiter's book

Walter Reiter is internationally recognized as a leading Baroque violinist, teacher, leader, and conductor. He is a Baroque Violin and Viola Professor at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.

His love for the music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries brought him to the study of 'authentic' performance practice on period instruments, which has been his passion ever since.

Walter Reiter is the author of 'The Baroque Violin & Viola – a Fifty Lesson Course' published in 2020 by Oxford University Press. International Music Publishers published his Baroque Violin Etude book Gradus ad Parnassum, and a four-volume pedagogic book, Baroque Violin Anthology, is being published by Schott. He also wrote a novel, Healing by Deceit, The Story of Alan Palladino, which was published in 2015. Website


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