Course | Violin | Kreutzer Complimentary Etudes

"Bridging the gap between Classical and Romantic Violin repertoire"

Dr. Marcos Santos
45 minutes
4 Chapters / 12 Videos
Course description
This course approaches a creative way to interpret the Kreutzer études. Students and teachers get handed more tools to solve technical problems and apply the concepts of difficult violin repertoire. These complementary études are meant to bridge some of the gaps in the technical proficiency needed to learn more difficult repertoire like the Paganini Caprices, Ysaye sonatas, and many other virtuosic pieces.

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Practicing Tips
Etude No. 2 by Dr. Santos
Lesson for Etude No 2
Niccolo Paganini Violin Concerto in D Major No. 1 Excerpt
Etude No. 3 by Dr. Santos
Lesson for Etude No 3
Eugène Ysaÿe Sonata 3 Excerpt
Etude No. 5 by Dr. Santos
Lesson for Etude No 5
Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major Op. 35 Excerpt
Final Considerations

Master Teacher Dr. Marcos Santos

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