Collection | Violin | Kreutzer Etudes Series IV

Natalia Lomeiko
2 Masterclasses
6 Etudes
Course description
Series 4 of the Kreutzer Etudes with Natalia Lomeiko. The Kreutzer Violin Etudes are fundamental violin techniques that bridge the gap in the technical proficiency needed to learn a more complex repertoire like the Paganini Caprices.

R. Kreutzer Violin Etudes - two Masterclasses

Masterclass 1

  • No. 32 in F major
  • No. 33 in F major
  • No. 34 in D major

Masterclass 2

  • No. 35 in E-flat major
  • No. 36 in F minor
  • No. 37 in D major

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©Dakapp - recorded in Asturias, Spain

Master Teacher: Natalia Lomeiko


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