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by Charl Du Plessis



  1. Play the original version of Bach's MUSETTE
  2. Learn how to make a new version
  3. Play Bach's MUSETTE in three different versions


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15 Videos, 4 full Scores The aims of the course are:


  • Improving basic improvisation skills & knowledge of chords
  • Expanding your basic pianistic skill set to play with/without notes
  • Understanding the composer’s compositional material through analysis
  • How to create your own version with the same material and improvise
  • Having fun with music using improvisation & creative playing
Excerpt - Chords & Rhythmic Pulse

For this course, you will need:

  • Basic sight-reading skills
  • Knowledge of basic chord structures (major/minor)
  • Basic knowledge of scales and arpeggios
  • Listening skills to analyze and imitate by ear
  • Self-confidence and imagination
Excerpt - Scales, Triads, "Stops"
At the end of this Course you will:


  • Perform Bach Musette in D its original format
  • Follow a method on how to alter the LH and RH to create your own original material
  • Use the Musette by JS Bach to improvise in 3 different styles
  • Improvise free in 3 different keys
  • Make an introduction and ending
  • Create a complete arrangement of a song
Excerpt - Swing "Musette"
Excerpt - Singing lines & Sequences

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Charl du Plessis

Charl du Plessis is famous for his crossover music combining jazz and classical music. He's a South African classical and jazz pianist, and Steinway Artist. As one of the most unique and respected pianists from South Africa, Dr. Charl du Plessis has contributed to a resurgence in the popularity of crossover music with his new improvisations combining jazz and classical music. More
Excerpt - Reharmonization / Q & A
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