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Our mission is to provide new generations of musicians, from any part of the world, the possibility to improve their skills and enjoy a wide audience.


We believe that anyone, at any time should have access to the wonderfully beautiful world of music.


Our Location

Switzerland has a long tradition of attracting, inspiring and supporting artists. Think of Richard Wagner, Gustav Mahler, Felix Mendelssohn, Guiseppe Verdi, and Johannes Brahms, who all found inspiration in nature and the stunning mountain surroundings for their compositions. Or famous artists like Marta Argerich, Maria Joao Pires, and Bernhard Haitink, who have lived in this country for many years.

Many of today’s international artists have studied in Switzerland, were supported by Swiss grants, and were trained by the big music institutions. Switzerland has stipulated music education in their national constitution (2012). Therefore, it is almost logical for us to have created iClassical Foundation amidst the serene silence of the Swiss Alps.

Our mission is to continue the great tradition of supporting, encouraging and giving a voice to those we rely on for the future of classical music: the young generation of musicians. You can be a part of it as well. By donating and thus helping us to continue this great Swiss tradition.

No Borders - No Limits

Music is an international language without borders. The globalization of musical performance has already occurred in the previous century; we can find the world’s leading orchestras musicians who come from different countries and nationalities. We believe that music is a right of every person. Masterpieces written by composers throughout human history are inalienable assets of the entire humanity.  The digital era with its technology developments gives us endless possibilities to bring high-quality teaching everywhere and at any time!

A Dream Come True

Music students from all over the world would like to benefit from the teachings of great professors and to have the possibility of showing how they play. They would be thrilled to exchange their experience with other students and to be part of a club of like-minded, hard-working artists.


Musical education is in great demand, particularly from advanced students who cannot always afford the cost of participating in Master Classes. In addition, many schools in emerging countries cannot afford the cost of top professors. We feel that our Foundation could make a significant contribution to musical education by using digital solutions.

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