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"The goal of my course is to support you actively and effectively as you study, perform or teach"

Professor Lihay Bendayan - Master your Violin

Head of the Violin Class at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and former student with Miriam Solovieff, Ilona Feher, and Tibor Varga, shares with you his insides, tips, and tricks on violin technique and interpretation, so you'll become a true Master of the Violin! The course is divided into 8 Chapters, including 6 high-precision technical in-depth texts for performers and 31 video lessons with close-up demonstrations of practicing methods techniques.

Chapter 1 - About Paganini
Chapter 2 - Shifting Positions
Chapter 3 - Double Stops
Chapter 4 - Right-Hand Technique
Chapter 5 - Left Hand Technique
Chapter 6 - Unlock Virtuosity Secrets
Chapter 7 - Embrace your Stage Fright
Chapter 8 - Master your Vibrato

Purchasing this course gives you the right to be added as a group member to the private Facebook group "Master your Violin with Professor Lihay Bedayan." The FB group is for course members only, and it will give you the possibility to ask questions to the teacher, share videos for review, and attend Prof. Bendayan's video sessions room.

Master Teacher Lihay Bendayan

What students say about this course
"Thanks to your help and advice, I found a setup that makes the position of the violin so much more comfortable and frees me from pain." E.I
"Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Prof. Lihay Bendayan!"
"What an amazing gift to share!! I value great fingerings for concerti so this is very much appreciated!"
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