Course | Piano | JS Bach: The Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach

Learn the ability to "think in music"

Alberto Firrincieli
5 Videos
41 Minutes
Course description
Starting from the study of the structure of the music, deconstructing and reconstructing it, it is possible to understand and truly enjoy this music step by step.
"In order to get significant advantages from your study sessions, I will show you a quite different approach based on understanding of music's structures, and not as often happens, on the mechanic memorization of notes without understanding. A mechanical and mnemonical approach should always be avoided, as it excludes the use of our cognitive process, without which it is impossible to realize what music is.

In my course, we will start from the study of the bass line, which is our music basement, then we will build up music structures and, finally we will add melody and ornaments. This different approach was very usual in the past, and in my experience it should be used in music teaching from the very beginning in order to create real musicians able to think in music.

Check it out all my other courses, you will find different ways to apply my Think In Music method. With this approach you will get chance to develop your cognitive and creative process, avoid useless learning methods based on mechanical repetitions and without a real understanding of music."

Alberto Firrincieli
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