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"Think before Playing"

Alberto Firrincieli
15 Videos
85 Minutes
Course description
A guideline dedicated to both teachers and students. Some of the most recurrent mistakes and bad habits that should be avoided in piano teaching, learning and practicing.

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In my Think In Music method I always insist about the importance of proper practicing strategies as an essential prerequisite for correct, efficient and long-life learning. These set of videos contain, to some extent, my teaching experience of my 20+ years in European and Asian countries. Several times I had chance to work with talented students, whose actually only problem was the lack of a valid learning and practicing method. For them, practicing consisted only on mechanical endless repetitions, without any real understanding of music and of their structures and functions.

The first video is an excerpt of my regular piano class. You will see how easy and useful improvisation and composition could be, especially with beginners. In my opinion, there is no better way to stimulate students’ intelligence, curiosity and creativity. In the other videos you will find some of the most common mistakes and bad habits that should be avoided in piano teaching&learning, especially with beginners, such as:

  • problems caused by a constant use of metronome during practicing sessions,
  • how we should not practice an etude,
  • how difficult is to practice without proper awareness of music structures and functions,
  • how dangerous could be the dissociation between sound and music, which means between sound and its meaning.


1 - How I integrate improvisation and composition in traditional piano class
2 - General introduction
3 - Music awareness and understanding are the essential basement of a proper practice method
4 - Tensions and resolutions in music (Relationship between Tonic and Dominant)
5 - Cadences as Structures of the music
6 - J. S. Bach keyboard music is much more than “just” technical exercise
7 - What is an Etude and how to practice it
8 - How NOT to practice a new piece
9 - About metronome, and why we should never practice constantly with it
10 - Still about metronome – Another problem caused by constant metronomic practice. Inability to think in music
11 - Something about J. S. Bach and baroque music
12 - Something more about Bach how to approach Inventions
13 - Something about Fingering, Phrasing and articulations in the Baroque music
14 - About kids’ music education
15 - About the so called “deep sound”

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