Course | Piano | JS Bach: Little Preludes

Alberto Firrincieli
5 Videos
80 Minutes
Course description
"In this course I will show that a different approach based on the understanding of music is possible: starting from the bassline and then building up step by step the whole prelude, you will learn how music structures work and how they are connected."

Preludes were often improvised in the Baroque era, and improvisation has been considered one of the most important skills of keyboard players at least up to the first half of the XIX century. This course is based on the study of music structures, an indispensable step to become again able to understand, perform and improvise this music genre

"In my experience as a teacher, I can sadly witness that students use to practice J. S. Bach's music in a very inefficient and mechanical way. Ignoring counterpoint, harmonic functions, and music structures, they often repeat endless times the same patterns in an attempt to memorize notes following the metronomic tempo. Needless to say, knowledge of the proper baroque articulation, phrasing, and fingering is usually missing. In other words, an approach that dissociates sound from music, which means sound from its meaning."

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