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iClassical Academy's Scholarship Program helps musicians worldwide perfect their skills and cultivate their talent: 360°all-round music education. So far, our generous donors have allowed more than 100 students to enter the scholarship program.

We partner with NEOJIBA in Brazil, Sistema Global Worldwide, and Violin Buenos Aires to support their students.



We invite YOU to join the Circle of Donors!

How it works

√ Donate
  • $200 to support one Student
  • $600 to support three Students
  • $1000 to support five students
  • $2000  to support ten students
√ Choose Paypal or Credit Card (please use one of the buttons below)
After the payment confirmation, we will contact you to choose between the following options:
  • I have my students that I want to support
  • iClassical Academy can select the students
  • Students of the Sistema Global Partnership Program
√ You will receive an invoice for your donation by email.
Support 1 student for 1 year
Support 3 students for 1 year
Support 5 students for 1 year
Support 10 students for 1 year

Contact our Scholarship Program Manager

Would you like to talk to our Scholarship Program Manager? 
Contact Geertje Podevyn to ask anything you like to know about our scholarships, to discuss donor events, to find out how to participate in the program, and all other questions or things you'd like to know. Write to Meira to schedule a video call: meira@iclassical-academy.com.

"Just reaching out to say THANK YOU to everyone who has created this wonderful site. Amazing for all us musicians out here."

G.C. Music School Director

"A great advantage is that I can study the material I want at the time and when I need it. And always with great teachers, which is something fundamental to me."

I. R. Student Buenos Aires

"To be able to take such a great amount of knowledge related to SPECIFIC topics. iClassical offers a topic and gets deep into it. The student, this way, can be a spectator of the reasons to get to understand the "why.""

F. R. young violinist

For Students

Apply for a one-year scholarship iClassical Academy!

How to apply

√ Fill in the application form

√ Please send it back to us - meira@iclassical-academy.com

√ We'll go over it and contact you!

Download Application form

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