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The Masterclasses are recorded with special camera setting to show every detail about instrument technique and interpretation, which are treated in parallel along a determined composition


Courses are mainly dedicated to a single subject or topic; Collections are lists of Masterclasses which have in common the same Style, Genre, Composer or Subject

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Musical Jewels. Dive into our special courses dedicated to Music Cardinal Points, whether they are famous compositions or musical subjects. They contain tangible legacies from the most important music teachers in the world.

Musical Jewels

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"It's absolutely a great academy for every level in the instruments, I hope everybody could have access someday."

J. V. Musician Buenos Aires

"Just reaching out to say THANK YOU to everyone who has created this wonderful site. Amazing for all us musicians out here."

G.C. Music School director

"The masterclass collection of Bach solo violin sonatas and partitas by Miriam Fried is excellent: she also talks about style, technique, history, and the composer himself."

N.T. Bachelor student Sibelius Academy

"One of the most powerful aspects of the iClassical Academy is the benefit of having these videos alongside my weekly lessons."

E.S. Masters student Sibelius Academy

"Highly recommended!"

Michael Guttman, Violinist and Artistic Director

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