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"The High School of Cello Playing"

Join Professor Inbal Megiddo in this comprehensive course on mastering Popper Etudes for cello. Explore the modern approach to studying this essential milestone in cello technique. Perfect for cellists looking to hone their skills and delve deeper into the world of cello music. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a renowed professional and elevate your cello playing to the next level. Start your journey to becoming a Cello Popper Etudes Master!

Inbal Megiddo
40 Etudes - The Course will be periodically updated with more Etudes
Course description
The most expansive exploration of Cello Playing "Problems" are now online. Prof. Megiddo performs and explains the Etudes, describing for each of them the critical points, the application of the Etudes to performances, and how to master your playing to get the very best out of your sound. 

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Every Popper Etude is a laboratory in which any Cellist can run "experiments" in addition to learning and perfection techniques; each Etude is a chance to build up your system to practice and refine your performances. As more than one already wrote, "The Popper Etudes are not only about mastering technique; it's also mastering your approach to technique."

Master Teacher Inbal Megiddo

Inbal Megiddo is Associate Professor and Head of Cello Studies at the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University of Wellington, and has held faculty positions at the Yale School of Music and Oberlin Conservatory.  She is a Distinguished Guest Artist of the biannual International Melbourne Cello Festival and is the founder and director of the Cellophonia International Festival in Wellington. She was appointed a resource panelist for the Singapore School of the Arts and is a fellow of Grace Hopper College at Yale University.

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