Course | TRUMPET | The Classical Trumpet Decalogue

"Master your Trumpet completely!"

Fritz Damrow
10 Chapters
2 hours 30 minutes
Course description
Maestro Damrow explains and analyzes all technical aspects clearly and understandably; his simple and practical way of presenting all details will enable every trumpet player to improve their level.
Learn how and what to practice and why you should practice that way.
Through gradual exercises, every trumpet player can improve skills such as sound quality, breathing, articulation, flexibility, fingering technique, high and low register, endurance, and much more!
Every lesson builds upon the previous one to guarantee logical and smooth progress. You will learn to apply many special practice techniques like imagination, buzzing, singing, lead pipe playing, bending notes, pedal notes, and many other techniques to achieve maximum efficiency, balance, and control.
Many lessons offer additional exercises for different levels to guarantee step-by-step improvements. Listen to Frits Damrow playing all exercises, so you know what to aim at during your practice sessions!

Master Teacher Fritz Damrow

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