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"Unlocking your Mindset, Discipline and Focus"

Jere B
3 hours and 14 minutes
5 Chapters / 13 Videos
Course description
These Lessons are designed to prompt the student to become more aware of the interworking of their subconscious components which influence and enhance proficiency in their lives, approach to study and overall musical career. By unpacking the powerful elements of Mindset, Discipline
& Focus (MDF), EntreMusician & Best Selling Author, Jere B uses antidotal humor, philosophy and spirituality to help students attain the goals they have set for themselves.
13 instruction videos - topics include:

  • What is an EntreMusician
  • What is Success
  • You & Your Mindset
  • Promis, Potential & Power of Discipline
  • Sharpening your Focus
  • Seeing beyond what you see
  • Practice what you Preach
  • 9 Keys to unlock your MDF
This course was created by Jere B, Founder, Chairman, and Production Director of a Multimedia Production company comprised of North Eastern Ohio Musicians and Music Business Executives involved in multimedia entertainment at all levels.

Jere is the author of the Best Selling Book, "The Path of the EntreMusician" 9 Keys To Unlock Your Mindset, Discipline & Focus." specifically focused on singers, songwriters, musicians, recording artists, producers, and creatives of every genre.

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