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Bow Technique

classical violinist and violin teacher specialized in bowing technique and vibrato

Zlata Brouwer helps violin players worldwide to create a professional sound by teaching them step by step about bowing technique, tone creation and vibrato. She offers almost 300 FREE violin lessons on her popular YouTube channel and guides students in her online program Bow like a Pro. Zlata is a conservatory graduated classical violinist and performs on a regular basis in chamber music ensembles and orchestra’s and is currently working on a CD with her pianist.

My Passion

"My passion is let violin players discover that the professional sound and musical expression they desire are sets of learnable skills. I love changing the myths and secrets of violin playing into crystal clear practice instructions."

My Desire

"To help my violin students enjoy their music, play with confidence, express themselves and tell their unique story. Being my own guinea pig, I love improving my playing and developing myself as a musician and a person."

My Music

"I’d love to connect with violin and viola players worldwide to serve our audience as best as we can. Also, I’d like to review new products that serve violinists on my popular YouTube channel."

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