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Take your bowing to the next step in 10 lessons
Level: intermediate players

Learning goals

  • Posture, violin hold, bow hold, way of bowing and motor skill exercises to make everything fluent and controlled.
  • Even advanced students sometimes don’t bow straight or it’s not fluent. Exercises on straight and fluent bowing.
  • Exercises to get more control over the whole bow.
  • Exercises for fluent bowing, silent bow changes and good resonance from the violin and bow.
  • Technique and exercises for controlled, fast and fluent string crossings.
  • Learn how your violin and bow produce sound and how you can influence it.
  • Learn how to apply the proportions in music in a natural way and avoid common mistakes.
  • Recognize phrases in music and make musical decisions.
  • How to get a spiccato with good sound, fluency, and control.
  • Practice strategies on how to keep improving with the techniques from this course and what the next steps are.
  • Exercises to train all movements within vibrato (arm, wrist, finger) and get control over your vibrato tempo, so you have a beautiful vibrato you can adjust to the music you play.

11 Videos and 11 PDFs
Exercises and Practice Timings

Instructor: Zlata Brouwer

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