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A Sustainable Gift:
the Joy of Online Classical Music Learning!

An original gift that will appeal to many students, professional and amateur musicians, and music connoisseurs. You can choose your musical gift from single courses, collections, or musical jewels, or gift a subscription.

How does it work?

Fill in the form below and add the following information:

- The name and email address of the person who will receive the gift
- What you want to gift; a course, collection, musical jewel, or subscription as Master Member
- Your name and email

We will send you the invoice for the chosen gift. After receiving the payment, we activate your gift and the lucky person will receive a nicely wrapped message with the login details.





A Sense of Accomplishment:
the Joy of helping Music Students Worldwide!

Do you like to support students in regions that have less easy access to music education?
We work with Sistema Global to find those who need it most, or you can choose your own student(s).

The Scholarship Program starts at  200$ (US)/yearly and gives access to the entire iClassical Academy Catalog!

How it works

Donate $200 (US$) to support one Student or $600 (US$) to support three Students.

- Donate through Credit Card or Paypal by using the button below.

After the payment confirmation, we will contact you to choose between the following options:

  • I have my student(s) that I want to support

  • iClassical Academy can select the students

  • Students of the Sistema Global Partnership Program

Support 1 student for 1 year
Support 3 students for 1 year

"It's absolutely a great academy for every level in the instruments, and the platform interface is awesome. The best for me is the slow camera motions and subtitles.

Talking about the teachers, they're really professional, and I actually get better at the violin with all the tips and advice in the masterclasses. The principles, the technique, the emotion, all of these are taken into account by them.

I hope everybody could have access someday!"

J. V. Musician Buenos Aires

More details about the Scholarship Program

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