Cello Masterclass Evangeline Benedetti Arona, Italy

Cello Masterclass Evangeline Benedetti in Arona, Italy

Two Inspiring days with a great Master Teacher

Evangeline Benedetti is a sought-after master clinician, specialized in Alexander Technique, who served for 20 years on the faculty of Manhattan School of Music. She has been for over 40 years a member and the first female cellist of the New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Her unique voice and approach, invites cellists of all levels to explore, make discoveries and organically internalize technique..

Masterclasses in Arona, Italy


In this two-day workshop and Masterclass with Evangeline Benedetti, we will get deeper into the Alexander technique and her cello method, based on her book “Cello, Bow and You”. Written for the cellist looking for an approach that demystifies cello playing, it is an innovative teaching method in the field of string pedagogy.

Evangeline's method "Cello, Bow and You" allows students and professionals to get access to Evangeline's vast performance and teaching experience. She has pioneered an approach to playing that is:

  • a synthesis of the cellist's musical thought,
  • the knowledge of the dynamic properties of the instrument and bow,
  • the ability to move effectively according to the mechanics of the human body.

The synergy of these elements leads to physically healthy playing and frees players to be musically expressive.

How it works

In the workshop Evangeline Benedetti will share her approach with all participants, then each cellist will experiment with the ideas she introduces and get a personal feedback directly from Evangeline Benedetti.

Each day features two sessions, one in the morning, from 10 am to 1 pm, and one from 3 to 5.30 pm.  Mornings are dedicated to the introduction and the discussion of new ideas, while the afternoons are focused on your work to incorporate them in your playing. Evangeline will give each person her personal feedback.

Working in the form of a workshop permits each participant to profit from the group experience as well as individually. It's appreciate if you bring one piece you prepare for the workshop.

Masterclasses Evangeline Benedetti in Arona, Italy

Dates: February 7 and/or 8, 2020
Place: Arona Music Academy, Arona (Italy)

10.30 am -1 pm     Workshop/Masterclass and individual learning
1 pm - 3 pm           Lunch break
3 - 5.30 pm            Workshop/Masterclass afternoon

After subscribing a more detailed program and further information (also re. your travel and stay) will be sent by the organization.

The regular Masterclass price for two days with Evangeline Benedetti is $ 250 for two days and $ 125 for  one Day
(excluded are accommodation and meals)

If you wish to pay in € or if you need more information, please write to us at meira@iclassical-academy.com

Arona - your host city

Exploring Arona

The town of Arona is one of several popular summer destinations along the west coast of Lake Maggiore, and is about 20 kilometres south of Stresa, near the southern end of the lake. The town itself is pleasant, if not the most beautiful on Lake Maggiore, with a good number of shops, cafes and restaurants. You will also find a small rocky beach on Lake Maggiore close to Piazza del Popolo in the town.
The main attraction in Arona is of course the area along the shores of Lake Maggiore, and this is where visitors congregate.

Historical monuments of interest in Arona include the castle, dating from the 9th century and now in ruins, and a small roman style chapel. The large park area around the ruined castle is a very popular place for picnics and for taking a walk.

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