Violin for Tango – Celebrating Piazzolla 100th!

Violin for Tango - Celebrating Piazzolla's 100th!

by Gabriela Olcese

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For iClassical Academy, we created a special "Violin for Tango" Master Course. In this course, carried out entirely in Buenos Aires, we illustrate the basic outlines of the technical tango execution of the violin, its history, its development, and we provide a fundamental repertoire, from the typical ensembles and their chronology, thanks to performances by the most relevant artists of the current tango scene in Buenos Aires.

For the violinists of the world, this course is also an invitation to dive into the deep and rich world of tango.

I invite you to join us on a Tango Journey to Buenos Aires.





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Estación Buenos Aires

Estación Buenos Aires is a musical project developed thanks to an idea by Gabriela Olcese and Rafael Gintoli, its director and soloist, who together with prominent Argentine artists propose thematic programs that are distinguished by their originality. This Master Course, "Violin for Tango," was recorded with a selected ensemble of specialized Tango performers and was recorded on purpose in Teatro San Marino in Buenos Aires, on the special occasion of Piazzolla's 100th Anniversary.

Violin for Tango Master Course I Musical Jewel

Learn everything about Tango Music!

Learn everything about Tango History, the Composers, the Music, and how to play the violin within the Tango ensemble, including exercises on unique violin for tango techniques.



27 instructional videos 

21 performances 

15 Minus One tracks

Downloadable Scores

Spanish Language with English subtitles

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