Social Media for Musicians and Artists

Social Media for Musicians and Artists

by Massimo Poti

After a degree in Communication Science in a time so far away there were no blogs and no smartphones yet - yes, that was quite a long time ago! - I’ve always worked as a communications consultant specialising in the digital field. The Internet is a hard place to be for clients and professionals alike - lots of competing voices, always-changing tools, deceptive promises of instant and easy success - and each consultant has his/her unique bouquet of passions, interests, and intersections to help the client get oriented. That is why I think that the best way to describe my approach is to try and summarise it in three words.

An overall view of the digital context

First, my job is a matter of strategy that is helping my clients shape an overall view of the digital context they’re working with and defining together the best way to put all available tools and budgets at use in order to reach their target; second, my job is a matter of continuous updating that is keeping pace with always-changing tools to get the client-oriented and give the necessary perspective on where to invest time and money; third, my job is also a matter of copywriting that is striving to find the best words - and imagines, and videos, and so on - to tell the story of my client and its product and services. Thinking, knowing the tools, writing: that’s what I do.

Some examples

It’s a hard job, a far cry from the stereotyped image of the sloppy nerd paid to push some obscure buttons just because the client doesn’t have the time to do it by himself. And I know it may sound condescending given the fact that these words come to you in the iClassical Academy newsletter, but I must say all the people I’m working within iClassical Academy truly stand among the crowd for their dedication to the vision and their respect for each and everyone’s contribution to the overall success of the project.

Some Tips for social media and digital strategy


Want a few tips to get started with social media and digital strategy? Look for Jon Loomer's newsletter and free webinars: they're about Facebook and Instagram advertising but they can be very helpful if you want to get a wider understanding of how social media work.

Wishing you good luck!



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