Course | Piano | JS Bach: Well Tempered Keyboard
The first Prelude

Starting from the main cadence of the piece, I will show how it is possible to develop it and to construct this prelude

Alberto Firrincieli
6 videos
44 Minutes
Course description
"In this course I will show that a different approach based on the understanding of music is possible: starting from a perfect cadence, and then developing it in consecutives smaller cadences, it is very possible to compose/construct the whole prelude."

Preludes were improvised works, and it was considered pretty normal for keyboard players to be able to improvise Preludes as introduction to a more complex composition. Today in our present classical music studies we rarely have chance to approach improvisation, and sadly creative and cognitive processes are marginalized, in favor of a practicing process based mostly on mechanical repetitions of the same patterns in the attempt to memorize notes following the metronomic tempo. Needless to say, knowledge of the proper baroque articulation, phrasing and fingering is usually missing. In other words, an approach that dissociates sound from music, which means sound from its meaning.

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