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Beethoven's Universe - Symphony No. 5 in C minor - Intro

The mighty Fifth Symphony

The Architects of Music presents Beethoven's Universe ~ Symphony No. 5 in C minor
Written and Narrated by Lawrence Rapchak
Audio Producer, Audio Mix Engineer: Steve Robinson
Movie Director: Anna Ouspenskaya
Created by New Media Productions Worldwide & Virtual Concert Halls



Assistant Director: Frane Rusinovic
Storyboard: Igor Zubkovsky, Frane Rusinovic
Animation, Motion Graphic & Design: Frane Miro Dobrovic (dPhoto Studio)
Audio Engineer: Eric Arunas
Video editing: Frane Rusinovic, Frane Miro Dobrovic, Igor Zubkovsky
Music: Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia, Bela Drahos, conductor, ©Naxos Records
Script Content ©Lawrence Rapchak, 2021

The producers wish to thank Richard Colburn and the Negaunee Foundation for their generous support of this project.

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