Course | Music History | Anatolian Tunes and Horn from Mesopotamia to Europe

"The 'Sound Road' from prehistory to modern ages"

Zafer Yümlü
1 hour and 21 minutes
Three chapters / ten videos
Course description
In this course, Prof. Yümlü takes you on a journey in history. You will learn new and different melodies and rhythms in the geography of thousands of years. Mr. Yümlü will explain different cultures, tunes, stories, and examples of Anatolian history, enriched by a wide musical ocean. You will hear about melodies and stories which have inspired many famous composers, from Mozart to Bela Bartok, from Respighi to Beethoven, with their horn sounds.

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Chapter I

  1. The Birth of Humanity and Mesopotamia.
  2. The Place of Music in Human History.
  3. Music in Mesopotamia in Ancient Times.
  4. Cultural Bridge from Mesopotamia to Europe Anatolia

 Chapter II

  1. Anatolian Civilizations and Their Music.
  2. Interaction of the Music of Anatolian Civilizations with European civilizations' History.
  3. Anatolian Folk Tunes and Its Effects on Classical Music.

Chapter III

  1. Ottoman Music and Its Effects on Classical Music.
  2. Contemporary Turkish Music and Classical Music
  3. Anatolian Tunes and Stories for Four Horns.

Biography Master Teacher Zafer Yumlu

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