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"Your body is your Strad!"

Uri Vardi
5 hours and 18 minutes
12 Chapters / 18 Videos
Course description
In this course, Prof. Uri Vardi covers his teaching philosophy and ideas about the essential elements necessary for the mastery of healthy and dependable cello playing, and the best practical ways to teach them. These principles have evolved over fifty years of teaching and performing. They focus on the sensory and kinesthetic awareness of our body, governed by the natural laws of physics
"I continue to gain a deeper understanding of these elements, and I encourage the reader/viewer to dive into the journey of self-awareness and self-discovery while developing flexible and reliable instrumental tools for rich musical expression."
©Uri Vardi - recorded at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mead Witter School of Music, Mills Hall by Robert Lughai/Tarazod Films.
Instructor: Uri Vardi
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