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"The interaction between Cello practice and the Technique of Yoga"

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Fulvia Mancini
30 minutes
4 Chapters
Course description
What is the interaction between the practice of the musical instrument and the techniques of yoga and visual and vocal techniques? How can it help you develop more confidence in your skills and in your daily practice? With this course, your performance will become more efficient, with little effort and great results! Fulvia Mancini combines her passion with her research and practice of effective and improving exercises in this course.
This course will improve your physical health, mental state, and playing — a practical approach to your daily routine and performance based on yoga and meditation.
Language Italian with English subtitles



- Basic yoga techniques.

- Developing the power of your imagination through the workbook.

- Making your thoughts material by visualizing and writing them.

- Some of the secrets concerning the conduction of the bow, the search for sound quality in the initial part of the bow, and the same conduction of the sound to the tip.

-The use and function of each finger on the bow.

Instructor: Fulvia Mancini

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