Piano Class on Bach 2-part Invention No. 10

Chapter 1 - Lesson 4: Recordings

Download, save, and have at hand the pdf file on how to use these recordings. Watch the videos while following the sheet music as best as you can, pointing at the notes, feeling the beat, and taking notes.


Official interpretation by Fernanda Machado

1. Complete video

3. Left side hands view

2. Right side general view

4. Bird's-eye view

Long Trills

5. Complete video
7. Left side hands view
6. Right side general view
8. Bird's-eye view

Without Ornaments

9. Complete video
11. Left side hands view
10. Right side general view
12. Bird's-eye view

Slow with Ornaments

13. Right side general view
15. Bird's-eye view
14. Left side hands view

Slow without Ornaments

16. Bird's-eye view

Articulated touch without Ornaments

17. Bird's-eye view

Left Hand

18. Right side - general view
20. Bird's-eye view
19. Left side - hands view

Right Hand

21. Right side - general view
23. Bird's-eye view
22. Left side - hands view
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