Irma de Jong, Artist and Project Manager and Exec. Director of iClassical Academy

Irma de Jong is the executive director of iClassical Academy and is also managing director and founder of artist agency Cicerone Music & Art. Irma works in the classical music field for more than 27 years, starting her career as PR and marketing assistant at the Limburg Symphony Orchestra Maastricht in 1992. Irma has collaborated with many renowned artists and orchestras. As a project manager, she organised various cultural projects, such as violin competitions, art exhibitions, music events and festivals. Irma holds a Business diploma from the Hanze College Zwolle and studied and received certificates in linguistics and musicology at the Open University Heerlen. She obtained a Public Relations and Marketing diploma at the Dutch Institution for Marketing (NIMA).

My Passion

"Communication through music is my passion. I love to organise and coordinate all kind of activities. Music is vital in my life, and I enjoy working with creative people.”

My Desire

"To help musicians to learn how to be a music entrepreneur and become better in communicating with their audience and the people in the music industry, like managers and promoters. I support them to gain more confidence in creating their musical career and understanding the steps they need to take to reach their goals."

My Music

"Well, I'm a intermediate amateur piano player, and I love to sing. Most of my time is taken to help musicians becoming their best, and that to me, is what matters most!"

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