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Private online course on
Music and Career

A two-month personal music career plan; interactive lessons of 1,5 hours every two weeks with instructor Irma de Jong.

The lessons take place on-demand or in real time.

Price $375

“Irma is not only an experienced artist manager and committed teacher, but also a very nice person, and her feedback is always constructive.”

Irma de Jong is the Managing director and founder of Cicerone Music & Art; she has worked in the classical music field for more than 30 years and has collaborated with many renowned artists and orchestras. As a project manager, she worked on various cultural projects, such as violin competitions, exhibitions and events, and classical music festivals. Irma is also CEO of iClassical Academy,


Course Content and Specifications

Personal Guidance

In this practical course, you'll get personal guidance from Artist Manager and iClassical's CEO Irma de Jong. She'll take you through the various steps it takes to bring you to a higher level of your career. Together you'll work on a plan to become more effective and productive using the right communication tools and creating a strong online identity by:
  • Setting up your goals
  • Planning the steps on how to get there
  • Working on it on a weekly base
Irma will scan and go through your
  • Biography and Website
  • Social media channels
  • Audio/video channels
  • Other ways of communication, such as email and phone calls
and give you instant directions to improve and make them effective.

“I considerably improved my knowledge about self-administration, how to communicate with promoters, what a good website should look like and how I can use different social media platforms.”

Are you ready to boost your career 100%?

A crucial change in the direction of your career will not happen overnight. That's why Irma needs to work with you for at least two months, with each week, different topics of your career planning to be treated depending on the plan you'll establish together with Irma. You'll work directly on implementing the skills she'll teaches.

What is included?

  • A two-month personal music career plan based that you work out together with your instructo
  • one interactive lesson of 1,5 hours every two weeks with instructor Irma de Jong.
  • Email and audio feedback to your questions.
  • Answer in screen video to the tasks of the self-management course
The lessons take place on-demand or in real time. Irma speaks English, Dutch, French, Italian, and German.

Work Exclusively with Irma on your career

"After your online self-management course, everything in my musical career has improved by 200%. We are now a year later, and I have played so many concerts!
I could not have imagined that."

M.B. saxophonist

"Through her vast experience and knowledge, but most of all, the ability to feel the individuality of a person, Ms. de Jong gave practical steps and advice which pushed me forward in organizing my artistic career, and through that process so many new doors opened!"

E.S. Violinist


Work Exclusively with Irma on your career

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