Private Interactive Course

Versatile composer with a passion for challenges 

Matthias Kadar, composer trained at the Amsterdam Conservatorium, offers a clear, practical, and cultured perspective and solution on each musical and compositional challenge. Matthias Kadar studied with Theo Loevendie, took classes with George Crumb and Kurtág György.

Respected Composer

Teaching, composing, and performing for nearly three decades, he is filled with the unique experience of being a respected composer, performer, and teacher. He has written hundreds of compositions, songs for each instrument of an orchestra, theater.
His compositions were performed around the world from Australia via Japan, Europe, and the US.
Many of his compositions are published, recorded, and performed.


As a performer, he performed in the US and Europe at many festivals and venues. His projects as a singer, guitarist, and pianist have a diversity of styles in common. They love to cross over art forms.


As a teacher, his pedagogical writings are published in Germany and Hungary via the world-renown Kodaly Institute. He teaches and coaches at every level, from beginners, young beginners to advanced or professional musicians.

My Passion

"My passion is the love for music. The energy that comes from it. I always tell my students:
Can you hear that pause in the music that is the result of a big rhythmical or very musical moment?
That pause filled with energy, the expectation of the 'what will come now?', of the 'when will it continue?' can you feel it? Can you feel this incredible great energy? If you can, then you know where to find me!'."

My Desire

"To accompany every student through its own path while getting aware of every kind of surroundings.  To show that the creation of music is like drinking water, cooking, breathing. Like writing a letter, a love letter to life.
To teach you to be strong and always, always stay your own master. And the most important: never ever forget your love for music.."

My Music

"As a composer and singer, I keep looking for lyricism, atmosphere, and timbre. Texts and poems play a special role: they inspire me with the sound and melody of the language they are written.

Both my contemporary compositions for voice and my songs, the music, are as if the language dictated them: the prosody, the meaning, and the 'weight' of words and phrases, but also by the specific musical characteristics of a language, it's sound, melody, rhythm, and accentuation. In the songs I write and sing, the music will often be at the service of the text.

It always concerns me to keep the text intelligible and preserve the music and the emotional content of the text."

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