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Preparing the Future!

Autumn is coming, and we are preparing for the future.

What will this new academic year bring us? Will working from home and being online become the new norm? Can we perform in theatres again soon? And if so, for how many people? What will the future of the classical music industry be? At iClassical Academy, we are not going to wait for solutions; we are creating them ourselves. This month we are preparing for the future. How? Read it below in the September Online Music Magazine!

What's in the Magazine?

We are preparing lots of brand new content for you! That's the reason why we move the regular three new Masterclasses to the next month. We're launching Master Memberships soon and explain to you what it contains, we offer new Masterclass content, thanks to our partner Naxos, with great artists such as Leonid Kavakos, Misha Maisky and Sir Andras Schiff. New musiMentor Teachers worked on great courses to enrich our catalogue and last but not least, why performing Online Concerts is fun!


New Master Member Plans

The 360° Musician of the 21st Century

Today's time demands a musician who is 360° developed. Besides mastering the instrument, repertoire, technique, theory, you need to know about music promotion, business skills, audio and video recording and possess necessary technical qualities to execute your online teaching and performing. Based on these principals, we developed new plans: 360° learning to help you becoming a musiMaster!

Besides the over 250 Masterclasses from our catalogue, we are adding the Naxos/Dakapp Masterclass Collections with great artists and pedagogues such as Leonid Kavakos, Misha Maisky, Andras Schiff, Jean-Bernard Pommier, Jukka Pekka Saraste, Natalia Lomeiko, Tabea Zimmerman and many more.

A wide choice of courses is at your disposal. Learn about releasing tension in the body, overcoming stage fright and have better control of bow and hand. Courses about conducting principals, audio home recording and music pedagogy; all of them essential to become an all-round musician. Dive into our Music&Career courses and learn everything about promotion, creating your online identity, marketing and other business skills. "The Art of Teaching Music to Children" is for the teachers that work with the young, and we have a new course about audio-home recording that help you set up for professional online teaching. Courses about online performance are in the pipeline.

The new revolutionary MASTER MEMBER PLANS

Enjoy the full catalogue of Masterclasses, Musical Jewels, Courses and Collections 

Monthly - Yearly and  Lifetime   (prices announced in October)

Commit yourself to a profound musical development!

New PLans are available from October 2020. Existing plans remain as they are, or you can choose to upgrade your plan. If you don't wish to engage for a plan, you can always choose to remain a free member and buy our content individual. 


Naxos/Dakapp Collections

Thanks to our partner Naxos, you can learn and discover over 100 new Masterclasses with great artists and pedagogues and more classical repertoire.

These collections not only feature the instruments we usually present to you - violin-cello-piano - but contain as well clarinet, conducting, double bass, English horn, flute, guitar, harp, trumpet, and viola Masterclasses.  Collections art part of the Master Membership plans or can be acquired individually as a free member.


Naxos/Dakapp Collection


Leonidas Kavakos is recognized across the world as a violinist and artist of rare quality. Kavakos curates an annual violin and chamber-music masterclass in Athens, which attracts violinists and ensembles from all over the world and reflects his deep commitment to the handing on of musical knowledge and traditions.


Naxos/Dakapp Collection


Misha Maisky has the distinction of being the only cellist in the world to have studied with both Mstislav Rostropovich and Gregor Piatigorsky. As an exclusive Deutsche Grammophon artist for more than 30 years he made well over 35 recordings with great orchestras and renowned conductors.


Naxos/Dakapp Collection


Sir Andras Schiff is distinguished Visiting Professor of Piano at the Barenboim–Said Akademie in Berlin. Hungarian-born Austro-British classical pianist and conductor.  Receiver of numerous major awards and honours.

Online Concerts? Why would I care?

Let's face reality; we will not get rid of the COVID virus soon. It is shaking up the industry. Artist agencies and orchestras collapse and schools can no longer give physical lessons as before. If you look at history, a similar thing happened during the Spanish flu pandemic that lasted from 1918 to 1920. Many companies in the entertainment and services sector suffered massive sales losses.

But there is hope! We are a Century on.

We have better health care, and we have the INTERNET.

Being stuck at home, we also have more time. We should use this period to invest to learn new skills, open our minds and get ready for online challenges.

May musicians say "Online performance is not the same as a concert in a hall with a real audience." Of course, it is not! But it can be fun! It's a different way of expressing yourself and another way of connecting to your audience. It's a powerful tool; it allows you to stay connected to the world, your friends, your peers, your audience, where ever they are. You can reach many more people than you would be able to invite to a "real" concert.

So, we challenge you!

Right now, we are talking and testing a great platform that allows online performances. We are also working on creating online courses to learn how to perform online and what you need to prepare. All of this we consider to be part of the 360° musician! Next month we will have more information about it and will let you know how to participate. Stay tuned and positive!

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