The BACH Violin Solos Performing Method

The ultimate Bach Violin Solos Performing Method

A proven process to develop your skills
on different levels simultaneously.

A Winning Program

45 Video Tutorials - 14 hours
Feedback on your own videos

A complete mechanism adapted to your needs and wishes.

45 video tutorials with six Master Teachers about Bach's Solo Violin Sonatas and Partitas, feedback on your videos, a workbook, and a certificate.


Leave your musical fingerprints in the mind of the audience!

You benefit from this program!


  • TEACHERS - A new approach to teaching your students, and mastering all the angles

  • PROFESSIONALS - Find new ideas and alternatives to confront, stand out

  • ADVANCED PLAYERS - Access a professional horizon, enlarge your culture

Seven Teachers at your fingertips!

Chosen from the best worldwide

Leonidas Kavakos - World Acclaimed Performer
Gyorgy Pauk - Royal Academy of London
Miriam Fried - New England Conservatory
Janna Gandelman - Jerusalem Conservatory of Music
Hagai Shaham - Stony Brook University
Virginie Robilliard - Haute Ecole de Music Lausanne

Your private teacher for video feedback on your playing!

Professor Lihay Bendayan - former prodigy student of Isaac Stern, former Ilona Feher and Tibor Varga student, and Head of the Violin Class at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Topics Treated

How to approach | Bach's life | Bach's Scores | Conduction of several voices simultaneously in a polyphonic context | Tone/sound productions and the use of Vibrato according to the relevant aesthetics | Détaché and bow techniques | How traditional dances are translated to an instrumental performance | Complexity of formes and rhythms in Fugues and other musical structures | Taste versus Style, Complexity versus Simplicity - or how to combine them all | Chords and double stops techniques | Fugues | What audiences hear that you don't play | What audiences perceive that you don't say | Coloring the Sound | Defining yourself as a player.


All three sonatas, BWV 1001, 1003, 1005, and the Partitas BWV 1002, 1004, and 1006
are covered in the


Learn, practice, and conquer your position in
Bach Violin Solos Performance

A Personalized Program

Learn Bach with seven Top World Violinists' Pedagogues. The lessons are on-demand streaming and you can send your videos for customized advice.

Furthermore you'll have a downloadable workbook that guides you easily through the content.

Our teacher will evaluate your improvement at the end of this program, and you will receive a Certificate.  

Why the ultimate Bach learning method is proven successful

Every aspect of your learning interacts with the others. You will learn how to integrate many aspects into your knowledge and develop all of them at the same time. 


Conduction of several voices simultaneously in a polyphonic context

√ Tone Production

√ Using vibrato according to the relevant aesthetics

Knowing détaché and bow techniques

 The full variety of forms and rhythms in Fugues and other musical structures

√ How to translate traditional dances into instrumental performances

√ Sound Coloring

√ Defining Yourself as a player

Program Pricing


Non-Members  $650


Regular Members $550


Master Members $375


One-year Program (45 Tutorials + 8 Video Feedback + one final Zoom lesson and Certificate)

How our programs are valued

"The masterclass collection of Bach solo violin sonatas and partitas is excellent: it contains everything about style, technique, history, and the composer himself." 

N.T. Bachelor student  

 “This is the most complete video series I've seen on the Bach Solo sonatas and partitas. A valuable collection of great music teachers who bring the student myriad insights and techniques. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to seriously profound the Bach Solo Violin repertoire!" 

G.H. Musicologist from Hamburg 

"The amazing thing is Professor Fried’s ability to organize the Sonatas and Partitas into categories that span all of the works. It is so helpful to watch a lecture on all three Fugues as a whole while only working on one. Discovering the commonalities between the three sonatas helped my understanding and interpretation so much." 

E.S. Masters student at Sibelius Academy 

"A great advantage is that I can study the material I want at the time and when I need it. And always with great teachers, which is something fundamental to me."

F.R. Student Buenos Aires

"To be able to take such a great amount of knowledge related to SPECIFIC topics. iClassical offers a topic and gets deep into it. The student, this way, can be a spectator of the reasons to get to understand the "why."”

I.R. young violinist

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