Violin for TANGO | Introduction

Introduction to the Course | Bienvenidos! | Gabriela Olcese
Meet the Team | Estación Buenos Aires

Estación Buenos Aires is a musical project developed thanks to an idea by Gabriela Olcese and Rafael Gintoli, its director and soloist, who together with prominent Argentine artists propose thematic programs that are distinguished by their originality. This Master Course, "Violin for Tango," was recorded with a selected ensemble of specialized Tango performers and was recorded on purpose in Teatro San Marino in Buenos Aires, on the special occasion of Piazzolla's 100th Anniversary.

Full bio Estación

Rafael Gintoli

Worldwide Soloist and first violinist of several Italian and Argentina Orchestras. Artistic Director and Jury member Buenos Aires International Violin Competition. Winner of Best Chamber Music Performer 2002. Full Bio

Gabriela Olcese

Violinist Orchestra Teatro Colón Buenos Aires, Artistic Coordinator of the Buenos Aires International Violin Competition, former Director Orchestral Academy Teatro Colón. Full Bio

Javier Weintraub

First Violinist National Orchestra of Argentine, author “Studies and Tango Caprices” a Tango method containing 24 progressive studies for the solo violin, based on traditional and new tangos. Full Bio

Juan Pablo Navarro, double bass

Horacio Romo, bandoneon

Esteban Falabella, guitar

Oscar de Elia, piano

Paula Fazeuilhe & Cristian Batista

Erzhan Kulibaev, solo violinist La Cumparsita

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This project was realized in memoriam of Maureen McNalley Giroux, a great singer of contemporary classical music.

Idea & Production: Gabriela Olcese I
Performances: Estación Buenos Aires I
Music scores: Melos Ediciones Musicales S.A. I
Audio/Video: Constanza Sanchez Producciones I
Editing: CS Producciones I
English subtitles: Malala Fox I

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With special thanks to Melos Ediciones Musicales S.A. and Teatrino San Martín Buenos Aires

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