Course | Music & Career | Teaching Music to Children

"From Fear to Curiosity, from self-criticism to self-confidence"

Pirkko Simojoki
1 hour and 25 minutes
8 Chapters / 11 Videos
Course description
In this video training course, the Finnish viola teacher, conductor, and renowned expert on teaching music to children and teenagers take you through the key challenges of music pedagogy with children. You will learn how to demand excellence without tears, counter perfectionism and reduce the fear of mistakes, replace stage fright with stage confidence, and help children overcome excessive perfectionism.
Additional themes covered in this course include collaborating with parents, praising children in a way that works, and promoting the personal growth of young musicians. The course contains many simple and highly applicable games and tools to foster children’s motivation to practice and overcome challenges.


  • The Potential
  •  Self-Confidence
  • Positive Demanding
  • Mistakes
  • Stage Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Collaborating with parents
  • New comparison to cooperation

Instructor: musiMentor Pirkko Simojoki 

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