Course | Cello | Feldenkrais & Playing Freely

"Fundamentals of Awareness through Movement"

Nadia David
53 minutes
6 Chapters
Course description
Achieve excellent results and in-depth, natural, and more expressive sounds in cello playing. Feldenkrais exercises will help you to let the body free. In this course, Nadia David presents fundamental  Feldenkrais exercises and will explain how they can be integrated into playing the Cello.
You will achieve
- No more injuries in playing
- Deeper, less forced sound, more expressiveness
- Learning to build phrases by discovering resting moments, where we can release muscle tension even during the most challenging pieces.

"We realize that utmost control is achieved not by straining muscles but by letting the body in its free movements and air supply. In my search to always improve my playing, I have encountered the Feldenkrais Method, Awareness through Movement. This method teaches us that we have all the tools to improve within reach, in ourselves; it helps us discover and use them." Nadia David


  • Fundamentals and general Information
  • Feldenkrais standing exercise
  • Feldenkrais sitting exercise
  • Feldenkrais rolling pelvis and arms lifting
  • Applying Feldenkrais in practicing the Cello
  • Synopsis


Instructor: Nadia David

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