Piano Class on Bach 2-part Invention No. 10

Chapter 5 - Lesson 1

It is time to make all that knowledge become alive in your mind and through your fingers.

In this chapter you will be guided step by step to learn:

▪ Each voice in each section

▪ How to put voices together on each section

▪ How to revise, improve and practice larger parts of music

▪ How to approach the music through new approaches

▪ How to add the ornaments as embellishments


Lesson 1: Learning Session 1

Lesson 2: Learning Session 2 and revising Session 1

Lesson 3: Learning Session 3 and revising Sessions 2 and 1

Lesson 4: Learning Voices Together on Section 1 and revising Sections 3 and 2

Lesson 5: Learning Voices Together on Section 2 and revising Sections 1 (in larger groups) and 3

Lesson 6: Learning Voices Together on Section 3 and revising Sections 2 and 1 in larger groups

Lesson 7: Practicing larger parts on each section until each section is complete

Lesson 8: New approaches and ornaments

Please, download, save, and be sure to have at hand the material available on the bottom of the page before watching this lesson.

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