Piano Class on Bach 2-part Invention No. 10

Chapter 2 - Check your Work

Before you move on to the next chapter, make sure that all the statements below are true.
  • I remember learning about the following musical elements in this Chapter:
    • Key signature
    • Time signature
    • The importance of the mood for the interpretation
    • Harmonic figuration
  • I remember learning about these pianistic techniques:
    • Metric and Vertical Movements
    • Phrasing and Circular Movements
    • Active touch
    • Fingering and shifting hand position
  • I remember learning about the ornaments:
    • Mordants and trills
    • how to play them
  • I took notes and I can easily revise in the future.
  • I’ve listened to at list 5 of the suggested compositions and at least a few others to become familiarized with the elements in 2- part invention n.10.

If you aren't sure that all of them are true, rewatch the lessons, check the supporting material, update your notes, and be sure to complete all the tasks. Skipping any task or moving on before you are ready may compromise your learning process and the outcome of this course.

If you feel like anything is missing from this chapter that should be here, send us an email at pianoclass@pianoclass.com. We will use your comments to improve our courses.

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