Leonidas Kavakos, Expressive Playing Style & Technical Proficiency

Highly regarded violinist

  "I suggest practicing using only the top voice

and not letting small notes dominate the bigger ones.”
— Leonidas Kavakos

Dynamic Range, Precision & Clarity

Leonidas Kavakos is a highly regarded violinist known for his expressive playing style and technical proficiency. Some of the characteristics of his playing include the following:

Dynamic Range
Kavakos has an impressive dynamic range, with the ability to play very softly and loudly. He uses this range to significantly affect his performances, creating a sense of drama and intensity.

Precision and Clarity
Also known for his precise and clear playing, he carefully articulates every note and phrase. This allows him to convey the nuances of the music with great accuracy.

Video Review

Our Program Manager Gianriccardo Pera takes you through an excerpt of Leonidas Kavakos' Masterclass, showing you exactly what to look for and how to grab the best from this exceptional violinist. Most of all, how this can help your performance, so your audience remembers you! 

Expressiveness, Technical Mastery & Musical Interpretation

Kavakos is a profoundly expressive musician who can convey various emotions through playing. He is mainly known for his ability to play with great sensitivity and lyricism.

Technical Mastery
Being a technically brilliant player with a flawless technique allows him to play even the most challenging pieces easily. In addition, he has an awe-inspiring bow technique, which allows him to produce various sounds and colors on the violin.

Masterclass Collections Leonidas Kavakos

Leonidas Kavakos is recognized across the world as a violinist and artist of rare quality. Kavakos curates an annual violin and chamber-music masterclass in Athens, which attracts violinists and ensembles from all over the world and reflects his deep commitment to the handing on of musical knowledge and traditions.

The Masterclasses in this collection are part of the prestigious Dakapp Collections and are presented to you in collaboration with Naxos, our partner in media content.

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